Our etiquette

Safe & inclusive meetups

We strongly believe in the World Citizen values of building a safe & inclusive, inter-cultural and thought-provoking environment.

Like every good community, we have a few basic rules and guidelines aimed at fostering our ideal space, and we ask our members to follow them in order to ensure everyone enjoys it.

These four rules have been shaped and adjusted through our continuous evolution ever since we started organizing in 2012.

Please respect these rules both at our in-person events and activities, as well as our online channels, and help us maintain our great space by encouraging fellow members, too. We reserve the right to remove anyone across our channels who does not respect these.

1. Look out for each other
(Don’t leave anybody out!)

Notice someone feeling left out? Go and bring them in! Some of the best conversations and experiences start with people sitting “outside the box”.

2. Respect each other’s space
(Don’t pester anyone!)

Similarly, some individuals may not enjoy too much company or attention. If someone looks or sounds unwilling to engage after you approach them, try talking to someone else.

3. Respect each other’s time
(Don’t spam or self-promote!)

Enjoy the ads while watching videos or listening to music online? Not really, right? The same goes for an event or activity where people come together for that particular purpose.

4. Debate about topics, not about each other
(Don’t make personal attacks!)

We exchange views on every possible topic – life, career, philosophy, politics, religion and pineapple pizza. It’s natural to disagree, but that shouldn’t evolve into attacks. Focus on the topic!

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At World Citizens every connection you make is worth a lifetime of learning.