Our community

Our story

London is a city of contrasts. A capital of the world, but with many worlds inside it that are still apart – ignored, unexplored or misunderstood. Disconnected or simply too busy.

In the lead-up to the Brexit referendum (and the division it created) a few world citizens felt the need for stronger connections and understanding between both local and global cultures. The first perspectives were shared at Friday after-work meetups.

With a group dating back to 2012, we went from organizing socials, cultural exchange, debates and outdoor experiences to bringing together ~100,000 members across different channels in London – all on a volunteer basis.

Our mission and values

We want the whole world to feel at home, starting with London, where so many cultures meet but seldom fully understand each other. We aim to create genuine and meaningful connections in a warm, safe and inclusive space that also fosters inter-cultural empathy and open, thought-provoking conversations. 

Safe & inclusive

It’s easy to experience diversity in London, but it can be difficult to experience safety and inclusion, especially in places where you normally go to meet new people.

We hope to build a space where you can feel safe and welcome regardless of your background, and where we can expect the same from you towards others.


The “inter-” part is key. We all know that a global city like London can be very multicultural, but are we all really learning from each other? How much do we know about the 250 languages spoken in the city?

How to correctly engage with the different beliefs, customs, social norms of all Britons and Londoners? Perhaps we could change our own beliefs, too?


Do you debate only to prove your point, or are you genuinely interesting in exploring alternative perspectives?

It can help to have a little bit of patience, open-mindedness and the willingness to learn new ideas.

We always welcome discussions about any topic as long as they are respectful and don’t attack specific individuals.

Our channels

We are loosely based on four Meetup groups, Whatsapp channels and email lists..

Main socials and events group
Outdoor activities and trips group

Discussions & Ideas Chat
Socials Chat

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At World Citizens every connection you make is worth a lifetime of learning.